EDAPHI. Environment for Development of tools for Hydrological Analysis and Forecasting

EDAPHI is the environment for developing hydrological analysis and forecasting models that I have built (and keep on building it). In these pages I will place examples of uses and some code.

The EDAPHI menu gives access to other pages related to programming and some developments:

  • Gen.- General tools

  • MTG.- Water resources assesment and water balance calculation based on the Témez model and on GIS

  • GCuencas.- Characterization and parameterization of river basins and rivers reaches

  • GHR.-  Tools for hydraulic modeling by combining Hec-Ras, GIS-Grass and another possible GIS application

  • CHM - Family of hydrometeorological connectors for linking meteorological and hydrological models.

    • GMeteo - Generation of hydrology products based on the results of numerical weather prediction models.

    • Second generation of CHM modules: CFFGS, CSispi, CMF

  • Prec.- Precipitation processor for real-time use

  • MHH.- Operational hydrological models based on Hec software

  • MHH-H.- Hipermodels based on MHH models

  • GenMH.- Automatic generator of hydrological models

  • Ges.- Generator of syntethic storm events

The book "EDAPHI. Entorno de Desarrollo para Análisis y Cálculo Hidrológico" can be downloaded in PDF format. 

It is also possible to obtain a printed version (at cost without benefit to the author) at:


The following video includes an overview of the environment.

You can also visit the channel  https://www.youtube.com/c/AngelLuisAldanaValverde